Where's Hanuman?

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By Alister Taylor (Author), Ben McClintic (Illustrator), Christopher Woods (Illustrator). Hardcover – April 1, 2009.

For millennia, India’s most beloved epic, the Ramayana, has been handed down from generation to generation throughout India and Asia via literature, story telling, art, dance, and drama and song. Hanuman is one of the greatest heroes in the Ramayana.

Where’s Hanuman?― written by Alister Taylor and illustrated by Christopher Woods and Ben McClintic ― gives young children a captivating and fun way to begin learning the treasured story of Rama and Hanuman.

Within the 32 pages of this beautifully illustrated, over-sized volume, children journey into the midst of the most exciting scenes of this adventure. Each of the 12 puzzle scenes is tightly packed with hundreds of humorous characters and dozens of sub-scenes.

À partir de Sita’s Wedding, to Demons in the Forest , to Attacking Lanka, children are sure to have their minds, eyes, as well their funny bones fully engaged as they try to find the characters cleverly hidden in each scene.