Form of beauty : The Krishna Art of B. G. Sharma

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By Swami BV Tripurari

World-renowned painter of Indian miniatures, B. G. Sharma, debuts his lifetime collection of Krishna art in this stunning, deluxe volume. Within the text, the artist's mastery and devotion are combined, depicting the magical life of Krishna. From herding cows to exquisite renderings of rasa-lila, the pastimes of Krishna are brought to life with the beauty and charm that only Sharma's unique style can portray.

Excerpts from classics such as the Bhagavat Purana and Gopal Champu accompany 180 paintings wonderfully illuminated by Swami Tripurari's poetic and captivating narrative.

The collector's edition is 208 pages, 13" x 12.5" and printed six-color on 110 lb. Japanese satin matte art paper. Each image is reproduced using a 200 line screen and individually varnished. The volume is hard back, covered in fine Japanese silk, gold stamped, and protected with a six-color french-fold jacket. Text includes four deluxe gate-folds displaying some of Sharma's greatest pieces in their entirety.


176 pages


Dimensions: 12cm x 11cm