Inspiring Songs and Kirtans

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By Swami Sivananda.

The present attempt is to bring together the songs of Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj which have so far been published in the appendices in many of His writings or remained unpublished so far and put them in the form of a handy volume before his innumerable admirers and followers. He composed his own songs in half English, half Sanskrit and half Hindi, and captured the hearts of the devotees. These songs will remind you of what Sadhana you have to do and in what all items of Sadhana you are lacking. They will serve as a reminder when you neglect your daily routine, either due to laziness or lack of sincerity or overwork. Every song has the Names of the Lord attached to it and hence the mere singing of them will form a kind of Sadhana. You can sing these songs in your own style. You need not worry yourself with the particular tune in which it is to be sung. To be a help to aspirants some of these songs and Sankirtans have been recorded in the gramophone. With the help of these records also you can sing these songs.

Sommaire :

  • Stuti Dhwanis
  • Bhakti Sadhana 
  • Songs of a devotee 
  • Practical sadhana
  • Yoga practice
  • Vedantic sadhana
  • Vedanta philosophy
  • Vedantic realization
  • Upanishadic lore
  • Inspiring dhwanis
  • Spiritual flashes
  • Vedantic pearls.

207 pages.