Sri Rama Lila (Couverture souple)

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The story of the Lord's incarnation as Sri Rama. 275 pages. Wordspeak inc. 492g. 

Meditate on the long-armed Sri Ramachandra, who is cloud blue in colour, has matted hair, and is adorned with all accoutrements, who wears yellow clothes and is holding the bow and arrow and is sitting in the lotus pose. His lotus petal eyes are turned to the left, and are gazing at the lotus face of Sita. He who protects himself with the name of Rama, can never be harmed by the denizens of the nether world. This story of Sri Rama has millions of verses, each word in capable of freeing us from terrible sins. The beauty of this book is that it is written by one who has great love and devotion for Sri Rama. It touches some subtle chords in the reader's heart and makes him ecstatic. The more we read it, the more devotion we develop. This book is novel service to the religious community in expounding the involved meanings of the Ramayana text and making it attractive to the modern mind with beautiful English expressions.