Sri Krishna Lila (hard cover)

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The complete life of Bhagavan Sri Krishna written by Vanamali. 414 pages. Aryan books (hard cover, 688g). Edition May 1, 2002.

Lord Narayana is the Supreme Reality known as Brahman. Narayana is the Highest Self. Narayana is the Supreme Light. Narayana is the Infinite Self. Narayana is the greatest Mediator as well as the Supreme Object of Meditation. May we be able to know Narayana. For that do we meditate on Vaasudeva. May Vishnu guide us. Narayana Suktam I know of no Reality other than Lord Krishna, whose face is as radiant as the full moon, whose colour is that of the full laden rain cloud, whose eyes are large and lustrous as the petals of a lotus, whose lips are red as the bimba berry, whose hands are adorned with the flute, and who is clad in resplendent garments. Madhusudana Saraswti This is the first attempt perhaps ever made by a scholar-devotee to present in one compact volume the multifaceted and majestic life of the Great Incarnation!

Swami Krishnanadaji Maharaj "Divine Life Society" Rishikesh CONTENTS: Benediction, Foreword, Introduction, Book One Bala-Lila-The Play of the Child 1. The Advent 2. The Birth of Unborn 3. The Divine Infant 4. The Butter Thief 5. Bondage of the Boundless 6. Brahma Bemused 7. The Enchanting Flute 8. Krishna Lifts the Mountain 9. The Divine Lover 10. The Lord of Vraja Book Two Raja-Lila-The Royal Game 11. The Prophecy Fulfilled 12. Uddhava at Gokula 13. Lord of Dwarka 14. Abduction of Rukmini 15. The Cursed Gem 16. The Pandavas 17. The Divine Husband 18. The Sons of Krishna 19. The Divine Ruler 20. The Rajasuya Sacrifice Book Three Uttama-Lila-The Game Supreme 21. The Gambling Match 22. The Exile 23. The Lord as Ambassador 24. Declaration of War 25. Srimad Bhagavad Gita 26. The Mahabharata War 27. The End of the War 28. The Advice of Bhishma 29. The Story of Sudama 30. Dharma Rules Supreme 31. The Curse of the Sages 32. Advice to Uddhava 33. The Death of the Deathless, Epilogue-Lila- the Cosmic Play, List of Mantras with Meanings, List of Characters, Glossary Printed

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